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The Greek nation, after 1821, the need for national consciousness and homogeneity, created a character "invented" tradition equated with the cultural identity and thereby legitimize the continuity of the Greek nation from ancient times to today. Thus, the institutionalization of the newly established Greek state, celebrations and anniversaries as national, under the light of Orthodox Christianity, is directly linked to the strengthening of national identity and nationalism. This combined with enforcement feasts that were not only religious character, but also celebrating the sport held in the classical ancient Greek way, like ritual. Correspondingly the revival of the Olympic Games, which is a result of the ideological ferment of classicism and romanticism, was intended in addition to strengthen the national identity of the citizens and bringing them to the heroic past and to encourage Europeans and Americans intellectuals, to deal with the art of ancient Greece and the religious origin of ancient games, resulting to enhance the image of Greece to the West.