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Invisible governments: “Gnosis” as a state of the self 

Interview of Renata (housekeeper from Poland), for the economic crisis in Greece and PASOK.  

Pasok (Panhellenic Socialist Movement is a social-democratic] political party in Greece. It was founded on 3 September 1974 by Andreas Papandreou as a democratic socialist and Left-wing nationalist party. 

Formerly one of the two major parties in Greek politics, it have lost much of its popular support as a result of the Greek debt crisis. When the crisis started, PASOK was the ruling party with George Papandreou as Prime Minister and he was responsible for negotiating the First Greek bailout package with the European troika.

But what is the connection between the Papandreou and his Polish grandfather Zygmunt Mineyko, who was Mason and Jew? 

What happens when conspiracy theories stop being marginal and become hegemonic social reasoning/common opinion? Explanations become more difficult when one stops understanding the conspiratorial attitude as pure lack of rationality and detects the wide range of existential questions raised by it.

A story for crisis, Masons, Jews and Papandreou’s family.