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Plie masculinisme

According to Goffman, the society members observe, reflect on and evaluate individually in accordance with applicable regulatory standards. These “regulatory” standards are based on the observation of the external appearance and the pumping of the information through the person's behavior expressions. For him, all members of society are “players” in the game of “stigma”. Those who differ from the” ideal” standard, as defined by the society, exposed to negative evaluation as abnormal and aberrant.

The performance of the male ballet is often stereotyped spectacle that goes beyond the regulatory standards so as designated by a conservative society. As the ballet is seen mainly as a female activity, many times men on ballet performing, are consisting on a point commentary and critique of their gender and sexuality

Through the comparison with this stereotyped spectacle, the basic principles of the movement of masculinism are imported. The masculinism has occurred, the last decade in the states of North America and Western Europe, as an organized assertion of political, economic and social rights of men (similar of feminism), through social theories, political movements and moral philosophies. Issues that concern maskoulinists are the legal and social equality, such as recruitment (the right to non-recruited), custody of children, diet, and work. Basic assertion point is that of violence. They express their deep concern about violence against men, often depicted as something humorous, in the media and elsewhere. Also, masculinism, highlights  the stereotypical view that prevails  that man should respond to violence with violence rather than emotional expression, as this would derogate their sexuality. In the modern feminism, masculinism is considered acceptable, as it claims and respective gender mainstreaming. With the notion that equality occurs through a two-way process rights of sex-gender, masculinism characterized by many as a 'men feminism'.

The title 'plié masculinisme', is a linguistic annotation, as in French plié means folded, wrinkled, folded. It is a word that combines an artistic practice (plié on ballet is the term to describe the lunge - bending legs) that also highlights the effort of masculinism to 'wrinkle' normative - stereotypical society standards.


The chosen music soundtrack, is usually used for ballet training, specially at the plie   technique