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The project of Marilena Aligizaki and George Nikas discusses the meaning of community, based  on two different types of housing. The artists create a quirky, mobile home, which is in the form stage, but actually is a luxurious Western-style apartment. In this way they wish to exercise their criticism in rugged western architectural model as a reflection of atomistic subject, which has been formed in modern bourgeois society. This criticism is articulated, exploring the question of alternative communal proposals raised by Western groups of self-organization. The artists, adopting a critical way in their work with these two different models, explore the possibilities offered by a communal condition in modern Western society. Raise questions about the possibility of leaving an established, stable western model by placing a brick wall between two bedrooms, newly negotiated the boundaries between static and variable. At the same time, they face a critical way the proposal of communitarianism as an alternative model of organization of society, highlighting the concern of authors regarding the difficulty of abolishing the boundaries between private and public, the individual and the collective.