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Pink Football Field, in Frankfurter Allee area, Berlin

In the area Frankfurter Allee completed Neo -Nazi attacks, as last summer (24 August 2015) in the Frankfurter Allee S Bahn, where two Neo-Nazis racially abused a woman and her two children on a Berlin city train this weekend before urinating on them, police said. The area Frankurter Allee, regarded as an area that has many Neo-Nazis and is not particularly welcoming as to immigrants/refugees. The field created with pink tape, placed in the borders of this area to the adjoining neighborhood (strasse: Am Stadbark & Parqaue, Berlin), with the aim of union of these areas with a football field. The choice of pink for the field, is because according to Aiwa University, pink color helped to win football games and calm prison inmates (when people were exposed to pink for an extended period of time, their muscles actually weakened and their mood calmed).

During the installation of the field, into the public space, there were various reactions. Several experienced as the limit/border, some as a pleasant installation, while there was also a single reaction, a neo-Nazi who tried to challenge us, as he said “here is public space and as you are not part of the local community, you have no place here”.

Collaboration with Vanessa Brazeau